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Landscape Photography Tuition in Edinburgh

Are you a budding landscape photographer?

Are you serious about improving your photographic skills?

My one-to-one landscape photography tuition might just be the key to unlocking the power of your digital camera!




Is your tuition suitable for complete beginners?
- Absolutely. My tuition is for people of all abilities.

Do I need a fancy camera? Is a smart-phone good enough?
-The most important thing is that there is a 'Manual' function on the camera to give you control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity (don't panic if you don't know what these are yet!). Many smartphone camera apps have this functionality and therefore a lot of headway can be made for beginners using these devices. Once you have grasped the basics you will probably want to upgrade to a bridge camera or a DSLR. If you already have one of these...GREAT!!! I will help you to unlock its potential to improve your landscape photography.  I have several DSLR cameras that you may wish to try your hand with during the session at no extra cost. 

I get good results using the Auto mode on my camera, what will I gain from using "Manual" mode?
- If you are getting good results then you have a natural eye for composition, which is a great start! However, understanding the manual mode on your camera is the key to unlocking its full potential. You become its master and you will learn to get the image you saw in your mind, not the one the camera chose to take for you. 

Do you give tuition on post-processing/editing?
- Yes, my tuition sessions can include a mixture of field shooting and post processing (in the comfort of the nearest coffee shop!). I can provide a laptop for you to use at no additional cost, or you may bring your own.

What is a histogram?
-The histogram is one of the most important tools in the world of digital photography! It serves many purposes, but foremost I will show you that it is your modern day light-meter. I will explain to you what the graph shows and how to interpret it so that you can make informed choices in the field to improve your photography!

Do I need a tripod?
- A tripod is a fantastic investment if you are serious about landscape photography. I would encourage the use of one as much as possible, though it is not essential. I have several tripods which can be used on my tuition sessions for no extra cost.

What is the most important thing I need to learn about landscape photography?
- Composition is without doubt THE most important aspect to landscape photography. Without good composition there is no amount of post-processing that can make your image stand out. I will guide you through the process I use to assess the 3D scene presented in front of you and how best to translate this into the 2D world of the camera. 

What editing software do you recommend?
-I highly recommend Adobe Lightroom for anyone who is serious about photography. It is a very powerful program with a relatively simple interface - far less daunting than Photoshop! It's also a great tool for cataloguing your photography collection. I am not endorsed by Adobe ;-)